Bowling Green Bobcat Bands
of Bowling Green, Ohio 

Support the Bobcat Bands!


Your tax-deductible donation will go directly to supporting the Bobcat Bands. Thank you for your support! 

Pease send a check payable to Bowling Green Bobcat Band Boosters to :

Bowling Green High School Attn: BG Band Boosters  

 530 W. Poe Rd, Bowling Green, OH 43402"  



Click below to sign-up to volunteer for a Bobcat Band Event!


Looking for dinner ideas on Tuesday April 16, 2024? From 11am-8pm Rapid Fired Pizza will be donating 25% of your purchase to the Bobcat Bands. Please show this flyer at the checkout.  

Bobcat Band Patrons 2023-2024

Many thanks to our friends, sponsors, and patrons. Your donations are appreciated and will support our Bobcat Bands in many ways!

To become a Patron of the Bobcat Band  please send a check made payable to Bowling Green Bobcat Band Boosters to :

Bowling Green High School Attn: BG Band Boosters  

 530 W. Poe Rd, Bowling Green, OH 43402"  

Corporate Donors

Beckett's Burger Bar

BG's Frosty Fare 

Buffalo Wild Wings

El Zarape


Grounds for Thought

Home Depot

Jet's Pizza

Penn Station East Coast Subs

Halftime Sponsors

Penn Station East Coast Subs

Restaurant Fundraising Partners

Buffalo Wild Wings

Penn Station East Coast Subs



Rapid Fired Pizza

Virtuoso Level Patrons   ($250+)

The Height Family  

Laurel Krone (in honor of Bruce Corrigan)

Ralph and Cindy Carbone

Susan Shunk

Conductor Level Patrons    ($100-$249)

Doris Herringshaw

Dave & Ruth LaHote

Ed and Cindy Tyrrell

The Warmans

The White Family

Larry and Kathy Dehnart

Don and Char Scherer

Ambre Partin and Ruth White

Dean-Scheele Family

The Marcin Family

Alisa K. Suelzer

Ben Mens

Deborah Dean

Diane Mott

Dustin Ruffell

James Hinkle

James Schwind

Jessica Brunsman

Jodi Vogelsong

Julie A .Burton

Karen E. Smith

Karen Himelhan

Karen Keller

Kathleen L. Gee

Kathryn Hershberger

Kathy Rupp

Keenan Reese

Kim Roessner

Kimberly S. Peper

Kora Nadler

Larry A. Dunfee

Lilli S. Powers

Lisa Huber

Matt Hinkle

Matthew L. Reger

Nancy Bihary

Nathaniel Blakeman

Nikki Bonifas

Ruth Ann Kramer

Ryan Kozey

Sarah M. Feehan

Shane Rashley

Shannon Orr and Marco Nardone

Sharon M. Mouch

Sondra Nagy

Sonia Brujic

Sue Knauss

Thomas Headley

Tracy Vanneman

Warren Fauver

William Booth

Larry and Cathleen Dunfee (in honor of Owen, Beckett & Rhys Householder )

Ensemble Level Patrons   ($50-$99)

Susan & Melvin Davis

Danny and Sue Knauss

Bob Orr & Ann Sprague  

Barbara Walsh

Bonny D. Henry

Bruce W. Corrigan

Cory Collins

David Peters

Edith Scarletto

Emily Samlow

Ian Haupricht

Jessica Edens

Kim Finnegan

Leah Bechstein

Lorna Ruffell

Margaret R. Schwind

Marie Rompf

Mary Czerniak

Mitchell Miller

Nicole Wagner

Robert Snyder

Sara Keith

Sara Schiffer

SayKay’s Designs

Steven Chung

Vicky Bates

William D. Mullins

Zachary Knauss

Bob and Sue Fellers

Sain John XXIII Catholic Church

Kristine Hudec

Norman Geer

Soloist Level Patrons   ($15-$49)

Karen and Ben Albright

David Rice

Andrew A. Rometski, Sr

Benjamin Mens

Brenda Lallier

Emma Stumpf

Gary L. Vogelsong

Gayle Dyer

Heather Kramer

Hilary Heisman

Janet Levine

Jessica Sharp

Jessica Gibson

Jill Buehner

Jillian Ellis

Joan Hollenbaugh

Joseph Martin

Kelly Wesolowski

Laurie French

Linda Lentz

Logan Wick

Lori M. U'Ren

Maxwell U’Ren

Mona Hammons

Nadine Garcia Rios

Richard Van Vorhis

Sarah Deily

Susan Koch

Tammie Morman

Thomas G. Gerschutz 

Tiffany Zinn

And thank you to the countless people who donated cash at our Bobcat Band Day Walmart event!