Marching Band

The bobcat marching band is comprised of over 110 student musicians grades 9-12.  The BMB performs at football games, in parades, pep rallies, local marching festivals, community events, and more.  The bobcat marching band is a co-curricular class at Bowling Green High School, and students are expected to attend summer rehearsals and band camp mid-July to August.  High School band is a year-long class and occurs 1st period.  Students audition into either concert band or symphonic band following the fall football season.  Prior experience in middle school band programs is expected. 

Uniform Responsibilities

The BGHS Band will provide:

Each student will provide:

Uniform Descriptions

Summer Uniforms:  Summer uniforms consist of a red polo that says “Bowling Green Performing Arts,” plus a pair of band-issued Dickies brand khaki shorts and white marching band shoes with short white socks. Summer uniforms will be worn when the directors call for summer rather than full marching uniforms. Students are responsible for washing their own summer uniform.

Continuing band members should already have a red polo and khaki shorts assigned to them. If there is a need for a different size, students may trade shirts or shorts in good condition for a different size. If new shirts or shorts are needed they will need to be purchased ($10 each).  Freshmen students may continue to use the red polo shirt received in middle school. If a student does not have a polo, he or she will receive one at fitting time. He or she will also be fitted for a pair of khaki shorts.

Marching Uniforms: In July/August, every student will be fitted or re-fitted for his or her marching uniform jacket, pants, and hat. He or she will also receive one pair of gloves as a new student. Replacement gloves are $3 per pair. Marching uniforms must be kept at the high school. Uniforms should be hung properly within the garment bag in their assigned uniform locker.

Each student must provide long (mid-calf or higher), plain white socks. Footie (no show) socks or short socks may only be worn with summer uniforms.