Private Lessons

Private lessons are one of the best ways to improve on an instrument. We encourage all our students to take private lessons!

Dr. Kenneth Thompson shared some thoughts from his perspective as the chair of music ensembles and previous chair of the music education department at BGSU.

1.Why take private lessons? What are the benefits?

The benefit of private study is difficult to measure, yet hard to discount. Almost every student that I encounter that is consistently successful in music has a disciplined work ethic, a curious mind, and a high quality private teacher. As with any activity that requires specialization, a private teacher is necessary to guide a student in the very specific and unique problems that are encountered during development as a performing musician. I would also stress that private study does not replace practice and hard work, it simply makes the practice and hard work more meaningful.

Private study does not mean you have to major in music, either. The benefit of disciplined and focused effort on the complex physical and cognitive tasks required by musical performance pay dividends in other areas. Music students that function at a high level tend to develop and maintain patterns of thought and behavior that almost every degree plan in a university value and respect.

2) Name three to five things you should do as a high school student to prepare for a career in music?

1. Study Privately

2. Join the regional ensemble
(in this case the TSYO system or BGSU Academy Bands)

3. Devote time to your academic studies, or your grades will be too low to attend good schools, no matter how well you play

-Dr. Kenneth Thompson

Private lessons